Saturday, July 27, 2013

Continue To Make Items

Hello everyone.  Just an update for everyone.  On occasion I run out and go to all the craft stores around here.  Joann Fabric is # 1 on my list.  Next I hit A C Moores.  Michael's is next.  Occasionally I stop at Hobby Lobby.  Then I go home and it is usually two trips to the car to empty out.  There is always a new fleece or yarn that I don't have.  Christmas fleece should be coming soon. 

I have been sending to NICU's all over.  I get plenty of requests on my Facebook site ~ Crochet Preemie Hats ~ for blankets at NICU's that are really in need of hats, blankets and gowns.  One Hospital is in need of Swaddling blankets that have Velcro closures.  A new item for me.  I have found them a few.  If anyone is interested in sending some give me a holler.  I am looking for some help with Halloween hats and Christmas hats.  In the mean time it is crocheting or sewing in all my spare time.  I just love it!

Have a good one.....Nan....