Friday, December 30, 2011

Today's project

Today's project was started last night when I was waiting for Stacy to unhand my computer.  She was doing things for me, so I won't complain and whine too much!  I started another hat but I didn't adjust the pattern to fit a preemie, so I will finish the hat and start a smaller one and post it.  It has a brim to it too.  Totally different from what I have been doing.  I came up with a good idea today that I will carry out tomorrow.  I am going to pick up a doll the size of a preemie and make the adjustments to fit the doll.  When I am done with the doll I can give it away.  When I told Bob, he just rolled his eyes.  I did expect that..... Have a good one.....Nan

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Post Stitch Cuddle Sac

Here is the pattern for the Post Stitch Cuddle Sac as promised.  I finished it last night.
Fpdc - front post dc stitch.
Row 1: Chain 5 and join to first chain.  Chain 3, 11 dc in circle.  (12 dc)

Row 2:  Chain 3, dc in same st, *2 dc in next st.* around.  End join to top of ch 3.  (24 dc)

Row 3: Chain 3, Fpdc in next dc, *2 dc in next stitch, Fpdc in next st*. around.  Join to top of ch 3.  (36 dc)

Row 4: Chain 3, *Fpdc in next fpdc, 2 dc in next st 1 dc in next st* around.  (48 dc)

Row 5 to row 25: Repeat row 4.

Row 26 & 27: Ch 3. Do a decrease dc on next two st. Dc in each stitch until last 3 st.  In next 2 st do decrease dc, dc in last st.  Turn.

Row 28:  Sc around top of row and around front v.  Join with a sl st.  Cut and hide tails.  Fold down corners on front only.  Make a chain of 150 ch, hiding ends.  Weave chain in and out on the 24th row, grabbing the corner of each section that is folded down.  Ribbon can also be used.

For hat follow sac pattern for 11 rows.  Row 12:  Ch 2, Sc around, end by joining to top of ch 2.  Tie off, and hide tails.

This is also a very easy pattern.  Hat measures 4 1/2 inches, sac measures 10 1/2 inches.  I used Bernat Softee Baby Yarn, # 3 Lite, 4.25 oz skein, with a size G or 6 crochet hook.   You can use the first three rows and make any pattern on this.  Just remember we are still looking for help making items.

Have a good one.....Nan

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fleece blankets!

The other day I was serging blankets one after the other when suddenly a thread broke.  Now sergers are complex little machines.  If it isn't threaded right it won't sew.  The "loops" aren't correct.  And I hate rethreading it, actually I can't see the holes.  But I gave it a good try.  I tried and tried for hours before finally giving up.  Stacy wasn't home at the time and she knows exactally how to do it.  I put it away for the night.  The next day I tried to get it going again.  Stacy was finally free for a few minutes and rethreaded it.  It worked for 2 blankets and the thread broke again.  Not being a quiter I tried again.  Why do they make the holes so small in needles?  I was successful.  I sewed a few more and quit for the day.  Today I finished all the fleece blankets I had cut.  There is a grand total of 75 of them for the "Preemie Hat & Blanket Project."  They are in a box ready to be delivered.

Another pattern tomorrow.  I must finish it first.  Have a good one....Nan

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Part II Cuddle Sack and Hat

Hat Pattern for Cuddle Sack

Row 1: Chain 5 and join with sl st.  Chain 3, 11 dc in ring, sl st to ch 3. (12 dc)

Row 2:  Ch 3, dc in same st, * 2 dc in each st* sl st to join.  (24 dc)

Row 3:  Ch 3, dc in same st, *Fpdc in next st, 2 dc in next st*, end with fpdc, sl st to join. (36 dc)

Row 4 to Row 8:  Repeat row 3.

Row 9:  Ch 2.  Sc in each st around.  Sl st to ch 2 and end.  Hide tails and cut.

Hat measures 3 inches.  Cuddle Sack measures 7 inches before last three rows are folded over.

This pattern can be adjusted to any other pattern.  It can be made larger by using 4 ply yarn and larger needle.  I really had fun with this pattern.  Let me know if there are any mistakes or don't understand something.  Have a good one......Nan

Monday, December 26, 2011


Who needs patterns?  If I have a pattern to begin a project, I can adjust it to make it into my own.  It is easy and fun.  I have started with a yolk and made my own design for the body.  I had a pattern for the new "Cuddle Sacks" for infants.  I readjusted it and now have one for a preemie.  Check out the picture!  Isn't it cute? 

                                     Cuddle Sack

Fpdc = front post dc.
Beginning cluster - Ch 3, holding back last loop, 2 dc in same st, yo, thru 3 loops on hook.
Cluster - cl - Holding back last loop, 3 dc in same st, yo, thru 4 loops left on hook, ch 1.

Row 1: Chain 6. Join with a sl st to first ch, chain 3, 11 dc in ring, sl st to ch 3. (12 dc)

Row 2: Sl st to next dc, ch 3, dc in same st , 2 dc in each dc around, sl st to join. (24 dc)

Row 3: Sl st to next dc, ch 3, dc in same st.  *Dc in next st, 2 dc in nent st* end with sl st to join.  (36 dc)

Row 4: Sl st to next dc, ch 3, *Fpdc in next st, dc in next st* adding extra dc every 5th dc. ending with dc in turning chain from previous row. (42 stitches)

Row 5:  Sl st to next dc, ch 3.  *Fpdc in each fpdc and dc in each dc.*

Row 6 to 15:  Sl st to next dc, ch 3, Beg cl in same st, *ch 1, skip next st, cl in next st.* End with dc in last st. ( 21 cl plus 2 dc)

Row 16: Ch 2, 2 dc in every ch 1 space to last dc.  Dc in last st.  Ch 2 turn.

Row 17 and 18:  Skip 1st dc, 1 dc in each dc across, skipping last st. Trim front with sc along front opening.  End off.  Turn last three rows over to make a collar.  Add ribbon to Row 13.  Be sure to hide and clip all yarn ends. 

Give it a try it is easy and works up fast.  Have a good one.  Nan...

Saturday, December 24, 2011


It is the night before Christmas and I have finally caught up with myself, at least I think I did.  I continue to work on my hats, blankets and cocoons!  I plan on putting a preemie cocoon on if I get time tomorrow.  So check back.  It is an easy pattern and comes out awesome!  In the mean time Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.  Have a good one....Nan

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Love the serger!

I finished at least 20 blankets on the serger today.  I have a grand total of at least 50 and more material to cut and serge.  I would have gotten them all done today but I wasn't watching the thread close enough and I ran out of thread. I did rethread the serger and now I can't find the hole in the needle.  I will try again later or it will have to wait for Stacy.  I have yellow, blue, red and print blankets finished.  There are two more prints to go to finish the fleece blankets.  This project is really fun.  I am enjoying this.  Want to help?   Have a good one.....Nan

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Adding other items

Every day I am working on a new item for the Preemie Hat Project.  I have made hats, tiny baby blankets, fleece blankets, and today a baby cocoon.  These are so cute.  We never had them for our kids.  You just put them in this feet first and they use it like a bunting.  There are two different sizes.  I am working on a bigger one but there is one size smaller.  If it works up, I will post the pattern tomorrow with a picture.  Keep up the good work if you are donating the items I have listed here.  We could use the help too.  Have a good one.......Nan

Monday, December 19, 2011


Since I decided to take on this project, I have been learning a lot of things about Preemies.  They really are an amazing piece of life.  How these little ones can fight for their lives should teach us how to cope with things in our lives.  They can't speak, so they can't complain like we do when we are sick.  They have machines that keep them alive.  The machines breathe for them, feed them, check to be sure they are the right temperature, and who knows what else.  As the days go by they grow and mature enough to be taken off all the machines and eventually go home.  So while they are there lets make them more comfortable.  Please help in any way you can.  Donations of fleece will also be accepted.  I cut it and use the serger to sew the edges .  They make nice warm blankets, soft too.  All donations will be donated to the babies.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Today I got the Serger out to do "Preemie Fleece Blankets".  I must admit they did come out cute.  They are so soft, the babies and parents will love them.  I will be picking up more fleece to sew.  Check out the picture.

Now as promised here is another pattern to crochet:

Sport yarn and size H hook.

V-stitch = dc in next stitch, ch 1, dc in same stitch.

Leave a 6 inch length of yarn before the first loop of starting chain.  Weave in when afghan is done.

Chain 134
Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook. 133 sc.  Chain 3, turn, counts as 1st dc.

Row 2: Dc in second sc,and next sc, *skip next sc, v-stitch in next single crochet, skip next sc, dc in next sc**, repeat the pattern from * to ** 30 more times, skip next sc, v-st in next sc, skip next sc, dc in each of last three sc.

Row 3: Chain 3, dc in next 2 dc,* skip next dc, v-st in next chain 1 space, skip next dc, dc in next dc** repeat the pattern from * to ** 30 more times, skip next dc, v-st in next chain 1 space, skip next dc, dc in last three dc.

Row 4 to 61: Repeat Row 3.

Row 62: Ch 1, sc in each of first 4 dc,* sc in ch 1 space, sc in each of next 3 dc**, repeat from * to ** across row, sc in last dc.  End off leaving 6" strand of yarn to weave in later.

Round 1:  With right side of blanket facing you, attach yarn in 1st sc of Row 62, chain 1, sc in each sc across the row, *then ch 2 and begin down the side. Sc in the end of the first sc row, then 2 sc around the post of each end dc on each row along the side till you reach the end of this side.  Sc in the end of the last sc row on this side**.  Slip st in the beginning sc of this round.

Round 2: Slip st in each of next 2 sc.  Chain 1, sc in same st as sl st made [*skip next 2 sc, make 5 dc all in next sc (shell made), skip next 2 sc, sc in next sc** repeat 20 times. then skip next 3 sc, work (3 half dc, ch 2 3 half dc) all in corner ch 2 space.  Repeat from beginning to end on each side, ending by sl st to join this round.  Finish off by hiding all ends. 

This is an easy pattern to do.  If you have any problems with the pattern let me know.

Have a good one.  Nan..... 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

New information

I found out there are sizes for blankets for different size babies.  Preemie X small 10 by 10 inches to 12 by 12 inches,  Preemie Small 14 by 14 to 18 by 18 inches, Preemie Medium 20 by 20 inches to 22 by 22 inches, Preemie large 22 by 22 to 24 by 24 inches, Full term 26 by 26 to 28 by 28 inches.  This can be used for fleece blankets, knitted or crochet blankets.  For fleece blankets serge all sides. 

New Pattern in Crochet:  4 oz sport yarn, Size H crochet hook.
Chain 72.

Row 1: 1 sc in 2nd chain from hook * ch 1, sc in next ch* repeat from star across row, end with sc in chain 2, ch 2 turn.

Row 2: sc in 1 st space, *ch 1 sc in next space.  Repeat from * across row.  Chain 2, turn

Repeat row 2 until blanket is 16 1/2 inches long.

Shell border:  Attach contrasting color  to one corner of the blanket and start by working across one of the ends.

Round 1:  Chain 3, sl st into ch between 2 of the sc, *ch 3, sk 1 ch space and sl st into next space.  Repeat from * around the outside of blanket - on the sides of the blanket your sl st will be at the end of every third row.

Round 2: *5 dc in 1 st chain 3 space, sl st in the next ch 3 space.  Repeat from * around whole blanket.  Join at end with sl st and knot off then weave in loose ends. 

That is today's blanket.  It's easy and works up fast.  Use baby colors, there are some new ones out that work up beautifully.  I am also using up some of my scraps.  I have 15 hats done, three that neew sewing yet and one more half done.  Tomorrow's pattern will be a Preemie Ripple Blanket.

Have a good one, Nan....

Thursday, December 15, 2011

New yarn

I went shopping today for yellow yarn.  I have every color but yellow.  Guess I used it all up.  I found a beautiful shade of yellow and in the cart it went.  Continuing down the aisle, I found a new line of yarn.  It was a variegated bright color yarn, it went in the cart, along with another color I don't have.  Now I am happy and will return home to see how the colors work up. 

Here is another pattern, knit this time. 

Preemie and Baby Hat

Use baby or sport yarn and #3 needles.  You can use 4 ply for large size cap.

Cast on 70 - 80 - 90 st
K1P1 for three inches then knit 1 row, purl 1 row, Knit 1 row, purl 1 row.  Next row Knit 8 st, Knit 2 tog - repeat across.  Purl 1 row.  Repeat decrease row decreasing 1 stitch each time until 7 - 8 - 9 stitches remain.  Draw yarn through remaining stitches and gather.  Fasten and sew up side of cap. 
Good job.  Make in pastels.  Remember Nurses don't like 4 ply yarn for babies.  I am still looking for volunteers to help.  How about you?  Have a good one.....

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Preemie Hat Pattern

This is the pattern pictured on the Blog.

You can use baby yarn or sport yarn, no 4 ply yarn.  Size E, F, or G hook.  Each one makes a different size which is okay.  Pastels or varigated yarns are prefered by the nurses.

Leaving a 8 inch tail, Chain 26.

Row 1: In second chain from hook sc, sc in next 4 chains.  Hdc in next 20.  25 st in each row.  Chain 3, turn.

Row 2: Grabbing back loop, Hdc in second hdc and in next 18 hdc, then 5sc. 25 st counting chain 3 as 1 hdc.  When I get to the end of the row I grab both loops on st. Chain 1, turn.

Row 3: Sc, grabbing both loops in 1st sc, and next 4 sc grabbing back loop, hdc in next 19 and top of chain 3. 

Crochet 20 rows for one size - 6 inches, or 26 rows - 9 inches.  Fold in half and using 8 inch tail sew up side.  Next cut a 10 inch piece of yarn and weave in and out of holes in top of hat ( this is where the sc are)  Pulling yarn tight, tie in two knots.  Hide and cut all excess strands of yarn.  Turn right side out   and fold up brim.    

Small flowers can be croched and attached to hat.  Have fun! 

I will continue posting patterns and letting everyone know how we progress. 
Have a good one.  Nan.......

Project Preemie Hats

Welcome to my new blog.  As you know I also have another blog for my writing.  This one is dedicated to "Preemies."  None of my children were preemies but being a Nurse we saw the tiny little babies in incubators that are fighting for their lives every minute.  Let's give them a little bit of help and comfort and also help the parents feel like these babies are babies.  Hats are needed to help keep their body heat in, tiny blankets fifteen by fifteen inches are needed too.  These blankets also comfort the parents.  Tiny clothing is also needed.  All items should be made with baby or sport yarn, all ends woven in.  Items can be knit, crochet, and blankets can also be sewn.  The hats should be 9 inches in circumference, smaller ones are also accepted.  One Nurse said to make them fit a large egg.  I will be posting patterns for ideas.  Feel free to make your own designs.  Anyone who wants to donate items can contact me and I will give you the address of where to send items.  No items will be sold all will be donated under the name S&N Crafters.  Thank you in advance for your help.

Just a FYI - I got up at 1:00 AM to design this Blog, that is how important this project is to me.  A few of my friends have also said they were going to help make items too.  Always looking for volunteers.  Good night all.  Have a good one.....