Monday, January 7, 2013

Keeping Busy

I am very happy with the progress of this blog.  I can't believe how many requests I get for items.  I am supplying quite a few hospitals with blankets and hats.  Some request things from others and they send me a request and I send them items.  I even got cards to attach to the crocheted items.  I wanted something smaller so I got my tiny doll out and designed a gown for him.  Oh it came out cute.  Attached is a picture of a Preemie and Micro preemie gown.  It still amazes me that there are babies that small. 

So if anyone else out there is thinking of doing the same ~ go ahead, you are needed out there.  Good luck.

Have a good one.....Nan..


  1. Hi Nan, I just found your site and had to tell you how wonderfully inspiring it is. I too crochet for babies. I belonged to warm hearts warm babies when I lived in Colorado. I donated through them. I have since relocated to California when my husband was tranferred for his job. I continue to crochet and have several items. I am planning on sending them to our local hospital here if they need the baby crochetd items. I love the pink ruffle gown on your site as was wondering if you share any of your patterns. I would love to make some for the preemies. I also in making items have found that there are many requests for baby boy items. I am looking for a special baby boy gown if you should know of one. thankyou again for all you do. god bless you.. t..teresa dandrea

  2. I absolutely love all your patterns. I am always looking for new ones that I can whip up for charity groups. I did have a question about the Orchid Preemie hat pattern. On row 5-11, where it says skip 2 sts then 2 dc between dc of prior row, do I need to make any chain stitches between those two dc?
    Thank you Brigitte

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