Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Memory Boxes

I know some women know what Memory Boxes are.  I never really did until I started making preemie hats.  The first time I had a request for hats for the boxes I wasn't sure what they needed.  It took quite a bit of communicating to get it right.  Now I get requests and I know exactly what is needed.  Tiny hats and 12 x 12 fleece blankets are the right things for the boxes.  It gives the parents something to hold to remind them of the little one they lost.  As soon as I get some made up, out the door they go.  It really is rewarding to do this. 

I still haven't run out of yarn ~ don't tell them that I buy more weekly.  I can't run out.  Those babies count on me!

                                                   Here is an assortment that goes out.

Have a good one.....Nan...