Monday, December 29, 2014

Year's End

Latest Update:

Hello to all that visit this site.  I haven't been active on it in a while due to illness and my crazy life.  I still have a few other hobbies.  It seems since I retired I have loads of things to do.  I do keep up with my hobby and continue to make hats, gowns and fleece blankets.  I have a spare room that is loaded with fleece of all colors and yarn too.  I have donated well over 2,000 blankets and hats.  There are a few ladies that donate crocheted blankets and hats, a big thank you goes out to them.

I continue to supply our local NICU's and CHOPS in Philadelphia, Pa.  A Hospital in Florida called me and wanted to know if they could have some things.  The next day their box went out.  I had some that I donated to our local Vet.  They needed them for the pets after surgery to make them comfy.  They were quite pleased.  I made some larger ones as lap covers for the patients at a Nursing Home that my daughter works at.  They were also well accepted.

So I might not be on here but yes, I am still working hard to make sure all those little ones have blankies and hats. 

So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Thank you all for making this site a success.

Have a good one......Nan