Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall 2015

Hello everyone.  Thank you all for making this blog such a success.  I do hope you are using the pretty patterns to make items for the Preemies. 

The seasons fly too fast at times.  It is Fall already.  Our leaves are at peak colors now and just beautiful.  I enjoy every ride I take in the car.  Only too soon the leaves will be gone and the snow will fly. 

I do continue to make blankets and hats with a few gowns at times.  I bought two Addi Knitting Machines that help make hats.  The small one is for babies and the larger one is for adult hats.  I have a stash of hats and blankets made and will be mailing them out soon.  I have also donated 100 hats to the Soup Kitchen in the next town.  The lady in charge loved the donation.  There are a few ladies that donate hats and blankets to me to send where ever they are needed. 

My grand total of all the items I have made and sent out to date are:
Hats 2,593.   Blankets 3,360,  Sacs 55,  and Gowns 119.  Now these numbers do not include the items made and sent by others that have donated them, or the ones made and not sent yet.  I am really proud of this fact, but so sad that there are so many babies in need.     So please use the patterns and give them to those in need.

Have a good one ....... Nan