Thursday, August 16, 2012


A friend found an ad for free fleece.  I have called the Company and spoke with someone in another state.  She has called the local Company to tell them I am interested.  I can even pick it up myself.  I will load my car to the hilt to get as much as I can for the babies.  I told her I will let everyone know where the fleece came from.  She liked that idea.  Then I can send the blankets to more NICU's.  I have an expanded list of places that need blankets and hats and onsies for the preemies and babies.  Some people just can't afford them. I have been buying boxes to ship it in.  Anyone interested in helping with postage?  You don't need a paypal account to donate.  Just hit donate.  Every dollar helps.  Please give if you can.  The babies will love you for it!

Have a good one.....Nan..