Monday, January 11, 2016


A big "Hello" goes out to everyone.  Yes, I am still around.  We are having a weird winter this year.  It has been unusually warm, which I don't mind!  We are suppose to get our first inch of snow tonight.  Hopefully that is all we get.

I was on Pintrest today and was amazed to see all the lovely patterns for the Preemies.  Good job everyone.  I am still making fleece blankets and crocheting some hats.  I mostly am making the hats on looms.  They work up just as fast as crocheting.  I have now donated over 3,000 hats and over 4,000 blankets for the babies.  I have also started making adult hats on my Addi Knitting Machine and have donated hats to the homeless and the local soup kitchen. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the free patterns. 

Have a good one.....Nan