Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Winter 2014 to 2015

I guess we can call it the Winter of 2014 to 2015.  It really is cold in these hills.  I am thankful I don't need to go outside as often.  This morning it was -20.  The sun came out and it is now 18 degrees.  Warm up.

I have been working hard on hats, fleece blankets and gowns.  There is still a demand for them.  Recently I was in touch with a new Hospital.  There is no NICU there but they still have Maternity.  They do have a few babies that don't make it and don't really have anyone to make them things for the babies.  The Nurse did say they make Memory boxes and could use blankets, bonnets and gowns.  The ladies have worked hard this year and I have all that the Nurse needs packed up and ready to go.  I even made up some bonnets for them.

Boxes are still sent regularly to our local Hospitals and two others that requested items.  I have received donations of hats, blankets and gowns from ladies that make them too.  Can never have enough.  Occasionally hats and blankets are requested for Memory Boxes.  Guess I can say I stay busy.

Have a good one......Nan....