Saturday, March 16, 2013

1,000 Blankets

When I first started this project, I told everyone I wanted to have a goal of 1,000 blankets.  I never thought I could really do it.  My latest stats are hats ~ 933, blankets ~ 1212, cuddle sacs ~ 42, and gowns ~ 53.  Yes, I made my goal, and no, I am not stopping.  Now these totals are only items I have sent to all different states, Canada and England.  I do try to keep my inventory going and it seems as soon as I get my items done, someone has a need.  Really, I am glad.  I still supply the local hospitals, a few in other states, and some ladies are doing boxes for bereaved parents.  They request small hats and 12 x 12 blankets to place in the boxes.  Since I pay for all of my own materials and yarns, I request postage.  If at any time anyone wants to help let me know.  I do have a few ladies that have donated items to send.  So I send a big "Thank You" to all.

Have a good one......Nan...