Monday, December 19, 2011


Since I decided to take on this project, I have been learning a lot of things about Preemies.  They really are an amazing piece of life.  How these little ones can fight for their lives should teach us how to cope with things in our lives.  They can't speak, so they can't complain like we do when we are sick.  They have machines that keep them alive.  The machines breathe for them, feed them, check to be sure they are the right temperature, and who knows what else.  As the days go by they grow and mature enough to be taken off all the machines and eventually go home.  So while they are there lets make them more comfortable.  Please help in any way you can.  Donations of fleece will also be accepted.  I cut it and use the serger to sew the edges .  They make nice warm blankets, soft too.  All donations will be donated to the babies.