Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fleece blankets!

The other day I was serging blankets one after the other when suddenly a thread broke.  Now sergers are complex little machines.  If it isn't threaded right it won't sew.  The "loops" aren't correct.  And I hate rethreading it, actually I can't see the holes.  But I gave it a good try.  I tried and tried for hours before finally giving up.  Stacy wasn't home at the time and she knows exactally how to do it.  I put it away for the night.  The next day I tried to get it going again.  Stacy was finally free for a few minutes and rethreaded it.  It worked for 2 blankets and the thread broke again.  Not being a quiter I tried again.  Why do they make the holes so small in needles?  I was successful.  I sewed a few more and quit for the day.  Today I finished all the fleece blankets I had cut.  There is a grand total of 75 of them for the "Preemie Hat & Blanket Project."  They are in a box ready to be delivered.

Another pattern tomorrow.  I must finish it first.  Have a good one....Nan