Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mission Accomplished!

Today was the perfect day to deliver the blankets, hats and gowns to the NICU.  After filling and refilling the box it was time to put it in the car.  The hats for the Peds Floor was also packed and joined the box in the back seat.  Upon arriving at the NICU, we went to the desk to show the nurses what was in the box.  After all the ooo's and ahhhh's the box was handed over to the nurse's hands to be distributed as needed.  Next stop was the Peds Floor.  The Nurse came out to get the bag and couldn't believe what I had.  She couldn't wait to get back in to look at them.  So we left her at the door thanking us immensely for the present.  She gave us a great thank you and off we went.  The feeling was great.  Can't wait to do the next delivery.  I went to the fabric store today and got more fabric, and most of it is sewn and packed for the next delivery.

Have a good one..... Nan