Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I have a small box ready to go to Georgia.  A lady is collecting blankets for the kids in Appalachia that will be given to them at Christmas.  Some children get nothing for Christmas because their parents must decide if they want food or presents.  I do remember those days when I was a child, but of course I didn't realize it at ate time.  It's tough to want things for Christmas and not be able to have anything.  It is just another day for some people.

Then I found another place that needs onesies for thrown away teens who are having babies.  Their parents have thrown them out because they got pregnant and they have nothing for their babies or themselves. 

So, I have one box ready, guess I need to go and start the second box.  If anyone would like to help with postage, either hit donation or you can mail a donation in for the babies to:  Preemies 722 Farnham Road  Nicholson Pa 18446.  Thank you all.