Monday, October 1, 2012

New stats!

I am so excited.  Almost a year ago I started with this idea of making hats and blankets for the Preemies.  Then I found out they needed items for those little angels that don't make it.  So I started making "gowns" ~ demise gowns, and let's not forget the cuddle sacs.  I never thought I would get the requests that I get from others that need these items.  I started small with two local hospitals, then it went to another in Philly.  I was getting requests from Nurses.  I did make some things they asked for.  One hospital wants warmer blankets, these are for the warmers that the babies go in as soon as they are born.  I have 15 of those sent. 

I went shopping for yarn.  Must be soft and pretty, oh and certain colors don't look good on the babies.  Make some super small hats that fit a large egg.  Do you realize how small that is.  I do.  I can whip up one of those in 10 minutes.  So much fun.  I wanted to make and donate 1000 hats.  I am getting there.

Totals sent so far:  Blankets ~  604,
                              Hats ~ 423,
                              Gowns ~ 37 
                              Cuddle Sacs ~ 26
                              Warmer Blankets ~ 15

I am so proud.  If there is anyone out there that has the name of a NICU that needs and will accept items, let me know.  Also if anyone wants to help with a donation of funds for postage or supplies, I could use it as I pay for everything myself.  Wish I was rich.

So thank all of my followers, it really makes me excited to see how many people look at this blog.  I will post a new hat pattern in the next few days.  In the mean time, look around and see if there is anything you like.

Have a good one.....Nan..