Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Hello everyone.  It is Christmas Eve and all is quiet here.  We have no small children in the house so it really is quiet.  We are also awaiting an inch or two of snow.  I have been working hard making ruffle scarves while my daughter sells them.  All the money has gone to buying more supplies for the preemies.  I have also just sent another box of blankets and hats out.  This one went to Kentucky.  The packages are really getting around.  I do hope to continue this project next year.  Just remember if you want to help with postage or supplies, just hit the donation button. 

For all the repeat viewers, thank you for coming back.  I am glad that this site is helping so many others pursue the same path that I am taking.  It helps so many.  I saw a picture of a tiny preemie that had passed, he had a hat on that was too big, and a crocheted square that had slits in it for his little arms.  After seeing this I continue to make smaller hats because there is a need for them and tiny garments.  So give a hand and make others happy.  In the mean time

                                           Merry Christmas!!!!!

Have a good one.....Nan...