Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I made an angel pinafore from a pattern from bevscottage.com on the net.  Wanting a new flower I made it up and wrote it down.

Lions Brand Baby Soft Yarn in white.  Universal Bella DK in purple.  Size G hook

Row 1:  Chain 5 and join in a circle.  Chain 3.

Row 2: In center of circle, do a dc leaving last loop on needle (2 loops), yo, draw up another loop in same space, pull through two loops, (3 loops on needle), yo, draw up loop in same space, pull through 2 loops (4 loops on needle), yo, draw up another loop in same space,, pull through 2 loops, (5 loops on needle), yo, pull through all 5 loops,  ch 3.  *Yo, insert hook in circle, Draw up a loop, draw through 2 loops, leaving last loop on hook (2 loops), yo, insert hook in circle, draw up loop, draw through 2 loops, (3 loops) until there are 5 loops on hook.  Draw yarn through all 5 loops.  Ch 3.*  Repeat * to * until there are 6 petals in circle.  Ch 3 and join to ch 1 space.

Row 3:  Attach purple to top of ch on top of petal,  ch 1, sc in same space.  *In ch 3 space, crochet 8 dc.  In top of petal 1 sc.* Repeat * to * forming 6 petals.  End by joining in top of first ch 1.  End purple.   You can end the flower here or attach white and do next row.  Leave a 12 inch tail of thread to sew flower to garment.

Row 4:  Attach white to first dc of any petal.  Ch 1, 1 sc in same space.  1 sc in next 7 dc, 1 long sc in next st.  You can actually put it in the top of sc on the top of the first petal.  *1 sc in next 8 dc, 1 long sc in next sc.*    Repeat * to * around.  End by joining to ch 1 in beginning.  Hide ends and sew to item

I sew flower to garment using purple yarn weaving in and out of each purple petal.

Have fun!..... Nan..