Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hospital # 4

A lady on Facebook contacted me to see if I could donate some items to her hospital for the NICU.  Some of the rural hospitals become forgotten.  It takes someone like Megan to bring small hospitals in the limelight.  This particular hospital is in Spokane, Washington.  Since I already had some items made up, yes I try to stay ahead of the game, I told her I could send a box this week.

I had a box made up to give me more room in my tote.  Just a glance at the box gave me the information as to what was in the box.  I added a few more things to it and sealed it up.  So this NICU will have Grandma Nancy's items in it too.  I went to mail it and couldn't believe the price, but it is now on it's way to the preemies.  Now more than ever, I could really use donations to also pay for postage.  If you so choose to donate, I do appreciate it since I am also unemployed.   I do intend to keep looking for new places to donate.  If you have any let me know and I will be glad to help out and make a parent smile because their baby has a new hat or outfit to wear.

Have a good one.....Nan..