Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fleece Party

Black Friday is a day I don't like going out to the mall or stores.  That is the rule I lived by until Joann Fabric's flyer came in the mail!  Fleece was on sale for $2.99 a yard and then a coupon for 25% off the final total, yes I will be there as early as I can.  I was up and ready to leave by 8:00.  It's going to be great, hardly any traffic.  Don't see many people either.  When the car was parked, I noticed people coming out of the store with carts piled high with fleece.  Good, I want to get some too for the babies.  I waited for a cart and then off I went.  I headed straight for the fleece aisle.  There were some new patterns that I claimed.  A lot were missing.  I strolled up to the cutting counter to pick a number.  Mine was 71 and they were on 44!  I am in for a wait.  I stood still for a few minutes and they weren't moving customers too fast because everyone had lots of fleece to be measured in their carts. 

I went to another section of the store to get yarn for the scarves I am selling then picked a few other things up and returned to the cutting counter.  Every once in a while one of the workers would go by with a cart of fleece to return to the display and I grabbed some new ones.  It took 2 hours before it was my turn, but that was okay.  I got my pretties cut and off to the register I went.  Good thing I don't have to hide this from anyone ~ there are too many bags!